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SBD Powerlifting Belt - 10mm

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Featuring a patented gliding lever, providing the adjustability of a prong belt with the ease and tightness of a lever belt. Ideal for sizing up or down whenever you need during training sessions and competitions.

The 10mm lever belt is constructed using two different cuts of hide to allow the belt to retain support while moulding to your waist. Featuring a low profile buckle - along with rounded edges and corners - to minimise any obstruction or discomfort from contact between the legs and the belt.

Designed through collaboration with world class athletes, coaches, and health professionals.

10mm thickness and 10cm in width.

Black oiled leather finish with a red suede interior.

IPF approved.

Made exclusively from British cowhide.

Manufactured in Great Britain.

Q: What are the differences between the 13mm and 10mm belt?

The 10mm powerlifting belt shares many features with the 13mm powerlifting belt, including its patented adjustable lever design. The belt is fully constructed in the UK, using only British hides, finished with a black oiled leather outer and a red suede interior.

The 10mm thickness of the belt - constructed from two cuts of leather and one layer of suede - will provide significant support but with less restriction than the 13mm belt. This allows for a greater degree of back flexion, allowing the user to lift with less inhibition and to achieve positions that the 13mm belt may restrict.

The adjustable lever buckle on the 10mm belt has also been updated, featuring the same gliding lever mechanism found on the 13mm belt, but with a lower profile design with softer rounded edges.

Q: Which SBD belt should I choose?

The 13mm belt will be the most supportive belt. However, where an athlete has a shorter torso, has a lifting style which requires back flexion or experiences contact between their legs and the belt, the 10mm belt can still provide great support within obstructing their natural lifting style.

Additionally, by virtue of the 10mm belt being a more forgiving belt that will mould more easily for the athlete, the 10mm belt may be preferable over the 13mm for training and for an athlete investing in their first belt.

Q: Why is the price of the 10mm belt the same as the 13mm belt?

Just like the 13mm belt, the 10mm belt includes the same patented adjustable lever design, full UK manufacturing using only British hides, and a black oiled leather outer with a red suede interior. While slightly thinner, the investment in the leather to maximise support while moulding more easily, mirrors the cost of the 13mm Belt.

Q: Can I use the buckle from my 13mm belt on the 10mm belt?

The 10mm belt features an updated adjustable lever buckle, using the same gliding lever mechanism launched seven years ago, but with a lower profile design mirroring the 10mm thickness, with 3mm shorter prongs, and a 3mm reduction in the thickness of the body of the buckle. Due to these differences in design, the buckles are not interchangeable between the 13mm and 10mm belts.

Q: How do I measure for a belt?

It is best to measure your current belt (even if this is only a basic training belt) on the setting you use it at. With the belt laid out flat, measure from the setting you use to the end of the belt. This will give you the circumference of the belt.

If you do not have a belt then please measure your waist (where the belt would sit, normally just above the navel), with your abdominal muscles braced. We do not recommend using your normal trouser measurement as this often leads to improper sizing.

A large overlap can be uncomfortable, so if you are in between sizes then we suggest opting for the smaller sized belt rather than the larger one for comfort.

Sizing Guide

Size Range (cm) Range (in)
XS 57.5-70 22.5-27.5
S 65-80 25.5-31.5
M 72.5-90 28.5-35.5
L 80-100 31.5-39.5
XL 87.5-110 34.5-43.5
2XL 95-120 37.5-47
3XL 102.5-130 40.5-51
4XL 110-140 43.5-55
5XL 117.5-150 46.5-59

The sizing is the range of circumferences for the belt; please measure the
circumference of your current belt (on the tightest setting used) and
select a size where this is in the middle of the range

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
10mm SBD Belt

Would highly recommend. It is a lot of money but in my opinion it’s well worth it. I’ve already put over 25kgs onto my squats in just a couple weeks of owning it.

Tom McKellar
Belt Purchase

Was a bit cautious due to the cost around sizing etc. orders a XXXL and upon arrival to collect was able to try it on. Found it was one size too big so opted for a size down. Found the whole process of ordering, collecting, very seamless and staff were excellent.

Daniel B.
10mm vs 13mm

Same excellent quality as 13mm belt. Rounded edges on the buckle is a nice addition and is more comfortable on squats.

Let us do the heavy lifting this time and find what you're looking for =)