About Us

At RAISElower we only sell Top of the Line Sports Products that have been tried and tested.


Some of the Brands we sell are SBD Apparel, Schiek Sports, and EXO Sleeves.


It all started ......

In 2002 Warwick and Myself were training in the RNZAF Base Whenuapai Gym, pushing iron.  We were using cheap gloves from the warehouse for hand protection during our initial stages of lifting weights.

As the weight got heavier I noticed that I was getting severe pain in my wrist during Bench Press. After trying the different hand grip techniques with no success I began looking for solutions and found the highly recommended Schiek Sports products, after purchasing Model 540 platinum series lifting gloves I found that I could lift more without pain and I found I had the confidence to push myself to achieve better results again.

As a result I now use the Schiek Belts in my Workouts to prevent injury and to enable strength gains through lifting of more weight.

RAISElower Products are recognised throughout NZ as the premiere Sports Accessory suitable for all of Athletes, including Weightlifter's, Crossfitter's, Power Lifter's, and Bodybuilder's


Please read the testimony below from one satisfied customer.

Hi Matthew
Belt was sitting at work when I got there this morning. Thank you. The fit is good and oh boy what a difference it makes I don’t know why I waited so long before purchasing one.
Once again thank you and if anyone is looking for this type of gear I will have no hesitation in recommending them to you. The same goes for myself in the future.
Kind regards
Peter Jones (SH5pete)