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SBD Knee Wraps 2021

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The next generation SBD Knee Wraps, developed and woven in the UK, build and improve on the features of our original wraps, and introduce a proprietary track design for secure and tight wrapping.


Two years of development went into the improved SBD knee wraps, which feature almost a thousand strands of rubber and polyester, hand spooled and threaded into the loom.

  • Woven in tracks for securing wrapping
  • Maximal elongation for increased revolutions
  • High elastic strength for maximum support and rebound


Training - Red

Training knee wraps are designed to offer great support while allowing for self-wrapping.

Competition - Black

Competition knee wraps offer the same elongation as the training knee wraps, but offer greater support, and require a training partner to wrap them effectively.



Q: How should you clean and care for the wraps?


A: We recommend hand washing the knee wraps with warm water and a mild detergent, and then allow the wraps to air dry. Do not machine wash or dry, as this can damage the material of the knee wraps.


Q:Will further colours be available?

A: Yes, and these will be included in future limited edition releases. We would welcome any feedback you might have from customers on styles that could be popular.


Q: How do the knee wraps compare to previous versions?

A:The new versions are constructed with a new weave, featuring woven in tracks for secure wrapping. The new weave retains similar levels of elongation, while minimising any deformation.


Q: What is the warranty on this product?

A:We provide a 12 month warranty period against production defects on this product. Although we expect our products to last a significant amount of time, we would expect that in the rare event that a production defect is missed by our quality control, then it would be apparent to the customer within this period. Issues outside of this period are typically attributable to wear and tear.



Q: Which length should you recommend?

A: Our knee wraps are IPF approved at the 2m length. Typically, the 2.5m version are used for strongman and powerlifting events without the 2m restriction, or for training where an athlete has larger legs and is seeking maximum support.


Q: Which version should we recommend?


A: The training knee wraps are suitable both for training or competition, but we would recommend the competition knee wraps for an athlete seeking maximum support for competition, who will have a coach or training partner wrapping his legs.


Customer Reviews

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Silder Md Raihan

It's a great product and ausum quality. Loved them..

Nevyn Burns

SBD Knee Wraps 2021

Sandeep K.
Great product

It's a great product and ausum quality. Loved them..

Let us do the heavy lifting this time and find what you're looking for =)