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SBD Knee Sleeves 7mm - Phoenix

Knee Supports designed specifically for strength training, power sports and competitive lifting, approved by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and meeting the specifications of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). Meeting the maximum IPF specifications and maximum IWF length (7mm thick and 30cm long), combined with premium neoprene and strengthened seams. The ‘Torque’ design spreads the stress on the seam during deep knee flexion, allowing for improved support and performance during heavy strength training. Manufactured exclusively in Great Britain. Please check our sizing guide (click on the image below) before selecting your size. The 'Tight' fit is intended for competitive lifting or maximal strength training and will require some known techniques to get them on, for greater comfort and general strength training we recommend you select the 'Standard' fit.

Phoenix Range Limited Edition - Burgundy

IPF-Approved Knee Sleeves



-         Registered SBD ‘Torque’ Design

-         Asymmetric design, each pair has a ‘Left’ & ‘Right’ Knee Sleeve

-         Developed in conjunction with elite athletes, coaches and health professionals

-         The Torque design spreads the stress caused by deep knee flexion

-         High Grade Neoprene for maximum support

-         Reinforced seam construction to maximise longevity


-         Manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom

-         Produced on a continuous basis to ensure consistency and regular supply

-         Every single sleeve undergoes a full quality control inspection



Q Will further colours be available? 
A We would welcome any feedback you might have from customers on styles that could be popular. While this product was designed with weightlifters in mind, this new sleeve is ideal for powerlifters wanting a shorter sleeve, or who want a sleeve that is easier to put on, or who want a less supportive sleeve during lighter training sessions.

Q Can I use this for powerlifting?
A Yes, and these will be included in future limited edition releases.

Q How should you clean and care for the sleeves?
A We recommend hand washing the sleeves with water or a mild soap (or a specialist neoprene/wetsuit detergent), then allowing the sleeve to air dry standing up. The spin cycle of a washing machine can damage the sleeve, as it is quite bulky when wet, and can potentially get caught up or damaged by wringing. High heat from a washing machine or a dryer will degrade the rubber in the sleeves (potentially causing shrinkage or brittleness).

Q How should I fit the knee sleeve?
A We recommend fitting the weightlifting knee sleeves as you would with the original SBD knee sleeves, however customers looking to use the weightlifting knee sleeves are less likely to want to size down aggressively. The weightlifting knee sleeve will be easier to put on than the existing SBD knee sleeves.

Q What is the warranty on this product?
A We provide a 12 month warranty period against production defects on this product. Although we expect our products to last a significant amount of time, we would expect that in the rare event that a production defect is missed by our quality control, then it would be apparent to the customer within this period. Issues outside of this period are typically attributable to wear and tear.

Q Can the knee sleeve be damaged by knurling of the barbell?
A While the outer lining of the weightlifting sleeve has greater abrasion resistance, repeated abrasion from a knurled barbell will decrease the lifespan of the product.

Q What is the benefit of the anti-microbial lining?
A The lining, which presents a hostile environment for bacteria,
will result in less build up of odour over time.


Size Knee Joint (cm)
  Standard Fit Tight Fit
3XS 23-25.5 25.5-28
2XS 25.5-28 28-30.5
XS 28-30.5 30.5-33
S 30.5-33 33-35.5
M 33-35.5 35.5-38
L 35.5-38 38-40.5
XL 38-40.5 40.5-43
2XL 40.5-43 43-45.5
3XL 43-45.5 45.5-48
4XL 45.5-48 48-51.5
5XL 48-51.5 51.5-55



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Isaac Johnston
Happy but sad

I took my measurements and follow the instructions for sizing but find it’s too small and is near impossible to get on without assistance. Happy with Raiselower and how fast they shipped the knees sleeves

The best knee sleeves on the market as always

Great quality knee sleeves in the new Phoenix colorway. I found these to size slightly tighter than my previous pair so be ready.

Harry Newman

SBD Knee Sleeves 7mm - Phoenix

Let us do the heavy lifting this time and find what you're looking for =)