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SBD Banner

SBD Promotional Banner

  • Two designs
  • Premium tube packaging
  • Superior Quality
  • 510GSM With Welded Hems and Eyelets

Bespoke packaging for a premium unboxing experience.


Q             Can the banner be used outdoors?

A             The banner is made from premium coated PVC, which is of high quality construction. While designed and recommended for indoor use, this kind of banner has been used outdoors.


Q             How should the banner be hung?

A             The banner can be hung via its grommets using hooks, ropes, zip ties or bungee cord. Double sided adhesives of sufficient strength to support the product’s weight can also be used if a quicker and less permanent installation is desired.


Q             How should the banner be cleaned?

A             The product can be wiped down with a damp cloth.


Q             How should the banner be stored for distribution?

A             The banners should be stored within their packaging, placed upright for easy access. The banners should not be stacked on top of each other in storage, to avoid marring the packaging.


Q             How should the banner be shipped?

A             The product should be shipped in a square box or a triangular box designed specifically for tubes to best protect the banner’s packaging. The product could also be shipped in a mailer bag, as the banner will be protected inside the tube. However, the tube itself may suffer some damage if shipped in a bag.


Q             Will you make others in the future?

A             Yes we will, and we would welcome any feedback you might have from customers on styles that could be popular.

Customer Reviews

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Darren Yeldon
SBD Banner

Good quality banner and prompt delivery.

Let us do the heavy lifting this time and find what you're looking for =)