OSO Axle Barbell Collars

One pair of Olive Green Axle Series original OSO barbell collars. Affectionately referred to as the Tortuga, this collar is a perfect fit for axle bars. This new design is consistent with the OSO collars you have come to know and love and in a cool color that won’t be confused with your other collars in the gym. These collars are as tough as the guys and gals who will use them. They weigh 1lb. and are designed to be used on a 48.25mm diameter bar sleeves such as axle bars and not 50mm Olympic barbell sleeves.


  • Sold in Pairs
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed to be used on 48.25mm Axle Bar Sleeves
  • 6061 Billet Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Rubber interior lining to protect bar
  • Nylon locking clamp mechanism for secure hold.

OSO 2 Year Warranty:

 OSO Barbell will warranty this product from defects in material, functionality and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. 

 OSO Care:

These Collars are designed to take a lot of abuse when clamped on a barbell. Aluminum will bend, therefore when they are not on a bar, avoid throwing, kicking, stepping on or any other means of abuse as this will void your warranty.


Here are some best practices:

  •   Double Click - Open the collar until it clicks for a second time - then it will stay open to slide easily on and off
  •   Find a good place to store them. Consider an alternative to the bucket as people tend to "drop" and "throw" them in and could possible damage them.
  •   If the rubber gets sticky - CHALK IT UP! If it gets dirty, clean it with a wet rag