TITIN - Defence

Honoring Those Who Serve.

Add weight to your ruck sack marches.
Functional weight for tactical training.
Stay cool in the heat. Before you bring the heat.
Functional training gear for the elite of the elite.


“This 8 pound shirt will kick your @$$! FIT: 5 stars FABRIC: 5 stars FUNCTION: 5 stars. I have been using the TITIN weight shirt for 6 months and have seen huge gains in strength, speed and endurance. This system is the equivalent of using bat rings to increase your bat speed and power in baseball. I have used and abused this system with great success. A simple 4 mile trail run became an endurance event. High intensity interval training has become a torture test for my mind and body. My favorite part about this system is the fact that the overall weight is only 8 lbs on your joints and tissues but the dynamic load when you exercise gets me a better workout than my 20 lb static weight vest. And when the way the gel packs sit on your musculature you don’t have the sore achy joints you normally have after a weighted workout. As far as sizing, I am 6’0 and am a slender 185. I sit borderline between sizes where a medium is too small and a large can be a little big sometimes. I nervously ordered the large and was happily surprised as the inner and outer shirts shrunk slightly after washing and I ended up with the perfect fit. My friend is about 5’10 215 and ordered an XL and it fits him perfectly. I highly recommend this system if you want to see huge gains in your strength speed and endurance as well as mental fortitude to finish a grueling workout.”