TITIN - Cross Training

TITIN empowers you to achieve your greatest goals in game mode and in training.

Add TITIN's Force System to your workout to achieve your fitness goals. Safely add additional weight to your workout, whether it is running on a treadmill, rowing on a concept2, shooting hoops, or crushing muscle ups on the rings; add TITIN's Force system to your training for that little extra. Train Harder. Recover Faster.

“The TITIN System has taken my CrossFit training to another level. It is unlike any vest that I have worn, because not only is it completely fitted, but the weight is evenly dispersed all over your upper body. Even the simple action of raising the arms is challenging because your shoulders must fight against not only the weight packs, but the long sleeve material of the top shirt feels like resistance bands. Every movement feels like a weighted and banded exercise. I wore the system for all of my gymnastics and endurance workouts leading up until the 2014 CrossFit North Central Regionals, and I am very confident that my 1st place finish was due to my training with the TITIN System! You feel so weightless once it's off! I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their speed and endurance in training!”