MEET TITIN FORCE™, THE WORLD’S ONLY WEIGHTED COMPRESSION SHIRT SYSTEM. This heavy-duty, three part, weighted shirt system features a zippered inner shirt with 14 strategically placed pockets that place 8 pounds of fit-right, hydro-gel inserts across your upper body and upper arms. A double-stitched, moisture-wicking compression shirt locks down the weight while promoting increased blood circulation. Wear it hot. Wear it cold. Wear this 8-pound shirt system for a HyperGravity training program that helps your body, build explosive speed, strength and teeth-gritting endurance. YOU’LL HATE IT. YOU’LL LOVE IT.


The 14-pocket inner shirt serves as the base layer of the TITIN Force weighted shirt system. Strategically placed pockets position weighted hydro-gel inserts across the chest, back, shoulders and upper arms. On the back of the shirt, you’ll find a smooth performance zipper that makes it easy to put on and take off with all 8 pounds of gel-inserts in place. Knowing you will do a lot of sweating in this shirt, we’ve incorporated A.M.Y. antimicrobial materials to block odor and germs.




Weight is added to the TITIN Force shirt system using indestructible, hydro-gel inserts. The Force includes 8 pounds of hydro-gel inserts designed to fit securely within the inner-shirt pockets. Flexible gel inserts can be heated or frozen to provide muscle therapy for 30-45 minutes. Even frozen, the gel inserts retain their flexibility. Some customers choose to buy a second set of hydro-gel inserts to keep in a cooler or freezer for post workout recovery. Layered across your upper body’s major muscles, the soft, pliable hydro-gel inserts allow for full mobility during workouts and are an excellent way to “preload” or warm up for a game. 




The third piece to the Force weighted shirt system is an outer compression shirt, which is designed to securely hold the hydro-gel inserts against your body during the most extreme workouts. Our compression shirt provides the balance needed for a true HyperGravity training experience. The weight stays in place no matter how fast or how hard you move. Double-reinforced stitching ensures a quality fit. Smart Sorbtek® material blocks sweat and grass stains while moving moisture away from the body four times faster than other fabrics. Bring on the heat


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