FitFour - Tips and Tricks

Hand Care Goes a Long Way
Make sure your hands are well healed before starting to wear Fit Four gloves. Baby your calluses as you would baby your significant other. Shave them, wash them, and lotion up. It’s simple.

Break it in!
Owning a new pair of gloves is like wearing a spanking new pair of shoes. At first they may feel foreign or uncomfortable. After a few weeks of proper break-in, you won’t even know they are on.

We All Like Form Fitting
We suggest wearing the gloves slightly damp the first time or two. This will help the leather and materials mold and conform to your hand shape.

Need More Friction?
At times, we all need a little more friction. Dampen the gloves and use a little chalk to enhance the grip, if needed.

Put Them On Right
Which glove goes on which hand? Which side is up? Our well-placed logo is on the top of the hand. If you look even closer you will notice the left or right indicator label inside.

Rip Them Off
Our patented glove is fashioned the only way clothes should be, easy on/easy off—just rip it inside out.