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SBD Powerlifting Singlet - Phoenix

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Designs for men and women.
Men’s sizing from XS to 5XL, women’s sizing from XS to 3XL.
Bespoke fabric developed exclusively for SBD in Great Britain.


Phoenix Limited Edition Range - Burgundy with White

Men's Fit

  • Elastic Hem on the leg

Women's Fit

  • Shorter Torso
  • Tapered Waist
  • Wider leg
  • Wider, Non-Elasticated Hem

Featuring a proprietary fabric developed by SBD and exclusively knitted for this new product in the United Kingdom, combining Meryl®, Lycra®, and polyester fibres.
The finished product is a strong, durable and breathable material, at the maximum weight permitted by the IPF.

We have introduced women’s cuts from XS to 3XL, in order to ensure the right fit for every athlete.



Q             How does the sizing compare to the current singlet?

A             While the size is comparable to the previous singlet, the new product is constructed from a heavier weight fabric, such that it is less forgiving when going down a size.


Q             How does sizing compare between the men’s and women’s garments?

A             They are similar sizes overall, with some subtle differences between the two fits. The women’s fit tapers in at the waist, has a shorter torso section, and a wider leg.


Q             Can a woman wear a men’s fit singlet, or vice versa?

A             Yes. If someone feels the other design is more suited to their body type, aside from the cut the appearance is very similar, so this would not be apparent.


Q             Is the powerlifting singlet supportive?

A             The fabric in the powerlifting singlet is much heavier, at nearly twice the weight, and will add compression. However, it is not a store of potential energy like a squat suit.


Q             Will further colours be available?

A             Yes, and these will be included in future limited edition releases. We would welcome any feedback you might have from customers on styles that could be popular.


Q             Will there be team powerlifting singlets?

A             Yes, we are working with national federations on the designs for team powerlifting singlets, for those athletes representing their nation at IPF level events. However, these will only be available for team members.


Q             How should you clean and care for the powerlifting singlet?

A             We recommend washing the singlet with a mild detergent and allowing the product to air dry. The singlet is not suitable for machine washing in temperatures over 40C (104F) or machine drying.


Q             How does height factor into sizing?

A             If a lifter is unusually tall for their bodyweight, they may prefer to go one size larger than the sizing chart would recommend.


Q             What is the warranty on this product?

A             We provide a 12 month warranty period against production defects on this product. Although we expect our products to last a significant amount of time, we would expect that in the rare event that a production defect is missed by our quality control, then it would be apparent to the customer within this period. Issues outside of this period are typically attributable to wear and tear.


Sizing Guide

  Men Sizes
Size XS S M L XL 2XL
Body Weight <50 50-60  60-70 70-85 85-100 100-115
  Women Sizes Upto 3XL
Men Sizes
Size 3XL 4XL 5XL
Body Weight 115-130 130-145 >145


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
chris Bennett

SBD Powerlifting Singlet - Phoenix

Viet Hoang
Great lifting suit

Have not used it but it looks and feels great. The delivery is fast too. I have been getting two lifting items from RaiseLower (SBD Belt and SBD Suite) and they did not disappoint. Love your work.

Skye Tokona

Fits good love it I brought XL as I'm 92kg. Must say shipping was super fast especially through AKL lockdown. Thank you

Let us do the heavy lifting this time and find what you're looking for =)